India Today plagiarizes Playboy magazine’s center-spread

Here is a post I did for Faking News. Fan page or outrage, anything goes! 🙂

The Age of Truth

This is a short story I wrote years ago. Reproduced here with a few changes. It had been a long, hard day for Janki. She had had to sit in the Investigation and Examination Chamber at the Judicial Station, conducting examinations and filing reports all day. Some of the criminals had tried to lie. Janki …


It’s (cough!) that time of the (ack! Ack! Cough!) season again. And perhaps it isn’t a huge co-incidence that my friend Dhanushka, unheard from in several months, chooses to call just now, out of the blue (Oh, ok, out of Sri Lanka, you reality freaks: that’s where he is from). Now Dhanushka and I have …

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